JubileeRadio Live on air now Fred Setters sitting for Barry Bridel on bailiwick snow watch until 9pm. Do join me 😊
JubileeRadio Live from 7.00 pm and he really is! Join Fred for two hours of great music and chat on JHR (Yep Barry's still slumm… https://t.co/VJR7z1kFI4
JubileeRadio It's Mother's Day & Simon G is live from 9am-12pm to take your requests. Send them via the Jubilee Hospital Radio a… https://t.co/pzrX2xZOWj
JubileeRadio Thanks to all of you who sent in requests this evening. Hope you enjoyed the show. We’ll be back live tomorrow... https://t.co/YPebcGCHtl
JubileeRadio Once again Fred’s in the hot seat tonight. Tune in from 7pm good music guaranteed!
JubileeRadio Live from 7.00pm tonight. Fred Setters is back in the hot seat for another fun packed two hours. Hit me with... https://t.co/m8hytvjvlJ
JubileeRadio Live from 7.00pm - Fred Setters is in the hot seat again for another two hours of top music! Hit me with those requ… https://t.co/HYuo7eKAZV
JubileeRadio @Laura_radiogsy When I saw your twitter name I thought has she defected to the other side??? But then I thought the… https://t.co/dExLSQ8OAX
JubileeRadio Six requests so far - keep 'em coming #MondayJukeBox

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